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Knowledge, expertise and capital – a unique combination of these values into a single whole enables efficient operation on an international arena and achievement of best results in a number of sectors. This combination is a quintessence of AHO.

About us

Small ideas, huge plans, global effects

AHO Sp z o.o. is a leading Polish company operating in a number of sectors on a global scale. Since its foundation in 2010, our company expanded its activity establishing cooperation with multiple contractors. The capital, the know - how and innovative solutions in everyday work enable AHO Sp z o.o.’ bold entry into new markets around the world. The purpose of the company is to gain a competitive advantage in the sectors where considerable market potential has been observed.


Creating a new value…

Services offered by AHO and each venture undertaken notwithstanding the sector have a common denominator – a unique quality of all the realised initiatives.


Maintaining business relationships...

An ongoing and harmonious cooperation with contractors from all over the world is a result of efforts to maintain positive relationships, loyalty and mutual trust.

Acting globally…

AHO plans are not solely limited to ventures undertaken in Poland or Europe. The company acts on a global scale.

Thinking innovation…

Maintaining a strong position on the global market means being open to new solutions, novel ideas and ground-breaking concepts. AHO aspires to become a pioneer in its sector on a global scale. 

Cooperating with experts…

Experienced specialists with a perfect understanding of the specific nature of their sector – with this team we are able to efficiently use our capital, solutions and create a completely new quality in a number of industries.

Thinking and acting globally. Under the banner of AHO, we promote these values on a daily basis.


Professionalism, expertise, know how.

One of the AHO assumptions is to carry out activity on the highest possible level

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to have a unique team of specialists. Our employees are expert professionals in the sector with a long-term experience and specialist know-how – both theoretical and practical. They are people who know the tricks of the trade and market and are capable of choosing the best solution possible. This team allows us to operate on a global scale and achievement of tangible results. 



Create your own challenges.

With AHO you step on the best career path ever.

Fulfilment of promising projects, expert team and entirely new experience - by joining AHO, you are certain that your workplace will not only become a site for gaining professional experience, but will also allow you to combine passion with a path full of challenges and promising perspectives.


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